Installing Central Air Is Absolutely Worth It

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There are many different ways to keep a home cool. Some people put window air conditioning units in a few of their windows. Others use a portable air conditioner to cool their space. Still, others choose to have a central air conditioning system installed. Of all of these options, installing central air is the most expensive. So, is it worth it? It definitely can be, and here's why.

Central air will cool your entire home.

Almost every other method of cooling your home will cool off part of your home, but not the whole thing. It can get annoying walking into some rooms and finding that they are still warm and stuffy. Plus, if you leave doors open between your rooms, the warm air will travel from the warm area to the cold area, and the cold area won't stay as cold as you'd like it. With central air, you won't have to deal with either of these problems. Central air conditioning is almost always designed to cool every room and space in your home. 

Central air often costs less to run.

When you have central air, you are only paying to power one unit. If you have window units, you are paying to power multiple units. For this reason, central air conditioning is more energy-efficient than the alternatives, so your electricity bills will likely be lower. Or, if you have solar panels or your own energy source, choosing central air may keep you within your energy use parameters so you don't need to draw additional energy from the public utility company.

Central air will dehumidify and cool your home.

Central air conditioning does not just lower the temperature of your air. It also pulls humidity out of the air. This protects your wood items, such as hardwood flooring, from changes in moisture levels and warping. It also makes your home more comfortable. Homes feel cooler when they are less humid, even if you do not adjust the temperature. For example, a home with dry air at 68 degrees will feel cooler than a really humid home at 68 degrees.

When you want to cool your home, central air truly is the way to go. Yes, it comes with a higher upfront cost than other options, but once it is in place, you can rest and enjoy your nice, cool, and dehumidified space. Get a quote from an HVAC company that installs air conditioners, and see what you think.

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