If Your Mini Split Does These Things, It Needs Repairs

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Ductless mini split air conditioners are different. If you've lived with a standard, central AC for years and recently moved into a place with a mini split, you might not be that aware of the issues you need to watch out for. If your mini split is doing any of these things, then you should call an HVAC company that repairs them.

Water Around the Unit

If you have a puddle of water on the floor in front of your ductless, mini split air conditioner, that's a bad sign. You should also take note of a puddle outside under the AC unit. Usually, this type of leak means your mini split has an issue with its condensate drain tube. The drain tube might be blocked by some debris, causing water to drip out from around it. Or, there may be a crack or a leak in the drain tube. An HVAC contractor will usually solve both of these problems by replacing the condensate drain tube. They only cost a few dollars and are pretty easy for a pro to put in place.

Ice Forming on the Unit

Another issue to watch out for is the formation of ice or snow on your ductless mini split air conditioner. Your mini split should not be snowy or icy. This problem usually points to a refrigerant leak, as strange as that might sound. If your mini split is low on refrigerant, the refrigerant that remains will expand too much, get too cold, and cause the unit to freeze.

An HVAC contractor can locate the leak. They can usually use some adhesive to plug the leak, although sometimes they have to replace part of the refrigerant coil. Next, they'll add a little more refrigerant to your system, which should stop the freezing over.

Noisy Operation

Mini splits can be a little louder than a standard air conditioner, but they should not be overly noisy or clunky. For instance, your AC unit should not be making banging or rattling noises when it is running. If you do notice these noises, then something is probably loose in the fan. It might be a broken blade or a loose bolt. An AC contractor can take the unit apart and tighten or replace the rattling part.

It won't take you long to get used to having a ductless mini split air conditioner. Just keep an eye out for these issues so you know when the unit needs repairs.

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