Have A Heat Pump In Your Home? Warning Signs Of Failure To Watch Out For

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When properly installed, you should expect your heat pump to serve you for a long time. However, it's crucial that you perform regular maintenance at least once or twice a year. More importantly, you want to ensure that a heating repair expert checks it before the cold season starts. This is because, during winter, you'll need to run your heater more than usual. Hence, if it has minor problems, it may cause the pump to malfunction. Given this, here are a few signs you should watch out for.

The Heater Releases Cold Air While Running

If you turn on your heat pump and it releases cold air instead of warming the house, contact your heating professional for help. In most cases, you could be dealing with a clogged air filter due to excessive dirt buildup. Alternatively, you may want to check if the thermostat is set to the "heat" mode. 

If these two components aren't the problem, it could be that the reverse valve has malfunctioned. Other possible causes include low Freon levels and a malfunctioning circuit board assembly. Note that no matter the cause, a heating expert can repair the malfunction and restore a warm indoor space. 

Strange Smells Are Coming from the Heat Pump

Consider seeking heating services when you notice a smell that is out of the ordinary coming from your heater. For instance, burning smells indicate electrical problems within the unit, while musty odor points to a mold problem. Remember that electrical problems can compromise the proper operation of your heat pump. So as soon as you notice them, switch off your unit and call your heating technician for repairs. 

The Heat Pump Keeps Short Cycling

When you turn on the heat pump, it should warm up your home to the temperature set by the thermostat before it shuts down. However, if it keeps turning on and off constantly, there's an issue that needs to be addressed urgently. Note that if this issue happens soon after installation, the heater may be too small or too large for your home. This problem can also arise if the compressor is faulty or due to Freon leaks. That said, the only way to be sure of the cause of short cycling is to call a knowledgeable heating repair contractor to inspect your unit.

Your Heat Pump Is making Odd Sounds

Strange noises from the heat pump show that your unit isn't working as it should. In such cases, you likely have a loose fan belt if you notice loud flapping or rattling sounds. On the other hand, a screeching noise points to a poorly lubricated air fan motor, while a bubbling noise arises from a Freon leak. 

When you notice any of the problems mentioned above, call a heating repair technician in your area. This will prevent major damage that may necessitate heat pump replacement.