Commercial Emergency Plumbing Problems: 3 Clear Indications That It's Time To Get Professional Help ASAP

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The impact of water damage is significantly high in commercial buildings because a plumbing problem can affect several floors and businesses. Unfortunately, some property owners put off plumbing repairs despite knowing the havoc they can cause. Doing this puts your drainage system at risk of developing complicated problems that could be costly to fix. 

Luckily, you can avoid such situations through professional inspection and timely repair of your plumbing system. Though some plumbing issues are easy to handle, the following problems require professional help ASAP.

There Are Sewage Odors Around the Building

A foul odor can drive potential clients away from your business and affect your employees' health if it lingers for a prolonged period. For this reason, you should consider hiring a professional plumbing expert to check out the problem before it's too late. Your emergency plumber will skillfully examine the plumbing system to determine the odor's genesis. They will then undertake the necessary repairs before the problem gets out of hand.

The Drains Are Not Flowing Correctly

Unfortunately, some people using toilets and kitchens on commercial premises don't pay attention to what they flush down the drains. Flushing large amounts of debris and waste can cause slow and stubborn wastewater drainage. The large waste deposits can accumulate quickly, turning a small problem into a complicated issue. 

Therefore, you should consider hiring an experienced plumber once you realize that your drains are not flowing correctly. They will identify and rectify the problem within the shortest time possible to prevent the issue from spreading to other floors.

Some of Your Pipes Are Worn Out

Commercial properties have hundreds of pipes that bring in water and drain waste from the building. Because of that, it's hard to install all of them inside the walls. Plumbers may install some of the pipes on the outer walls. Unfortunately, this exposes them to harsh weather conditions and other external elements, resulting in splitting, cracking, and bursting.

Repairing or replacing damaged pipes on commercial properties can be pretty expensive, especially if the problem is on the elevated part of the building. Therefore, it's advisable to hire a plumber once you notice a small piping issue. Timely professional repairs prevent an escalation of minor issues. 

Some plumbing problems are easy to deduce and repair if you have the necessary equipment. However, the three emergency issues discussed above are beyond your DIY skills. 

Contact an emergency plumber to learn more.