Air Conditioning Services To Reduce Maintenance And Repair Costs This Spring

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This spring, you want to make sure your air conditioner has been serviced. There is work to do to prevent problems and reduce the cost of upkeep this summer. You want to clean the system and tune it up to make sure your AC is ready. The following AC services will help ensure you are ready for summer with lower energy costs:

Start Inspecting The AC After The Last Frost

The weather may still be cold, but it is time to start planning an AC inspection. Once the last frost has passed, you will be ready to inspect your system. Some of the problems that you want to look for when inspecting your system include:

  • Inspecting the unit for storm and pest damage
  • Checking for moisture and mildew problems
  • Inspecting the ducts for signs of damage

Make sure to repair the damaged components before continuing to other maintenance. Occasionally, check ducts for damage to ensure air leaks do not cause energy loss. This should be part of your routine AC maintenance throughout the summer.

Tune Up The AC To Improve Efficiency

After an inspection, you will be ready to start planning an AC tune-up. This is the thorough maintenance that is done when you have the system serviced. The AC tune-up will include the following maintenance:

  • Cleaning the outdoor condensing unit when removing winterization
  • Checking the AC unit and components like lines for damage
  • Checking the AC refrigerant levels and inspecting the system for leaks
  • Calibrating the thermostat with your air conditioning  

These are the things that will be done when you have an AC tune-up done this spring. If your system needs to be recharged, the compressor may need repairs.

Inspect Ducts And Components For Damage

The ducts can be a serious problem that causes energy loss during the summer months. Therefore, you want to inspect them for air leaks and damage that need to be repaired. In addition to the ducts, the air handler and HVAC blower fan need to be inspected. If there are problems with any of this equipment, it will also need to be repaired this spring.

Upgrade AC Parts For A More Efficient Cooling System

There are also upgrades that you may want to do before the warmer summer weather. You will want to consider updating the thermostat before turning your cooling on. In addition to thermostat upgrades, ask about installing a variable speed fan. These blower fans make your system more efficient.

These AC services will get you ready for summer. Call an air conditioning service to start planning to have your system serviced before spring comes.