3 Central Air Conditioning Problems

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Having the convenience of a central air conditioning system but being able to enjoy it to the fullest is what many homeowners experience. The biggest frustration is to run the system all day and night and still not be able to cool the house down, as it usually leads to the electric bill being high. In such a situation, it is smart to just turn the system off and not use it until the problems have been pinpointed and repaired by a technician.

Many HVAC technicians can promptly help homeowners resolve air conditioning problems because some of them work on a 24-hour basis. Sometimes air conditioning problems seem as though they are serious but can be resolved via a minor repair or maintenance.

1. Dealing with a Frozen System

When a central air conditioning system freezes up, it becomes useless until the problem is resolved. Several things can happen that cause the system to freeze up, including faulty parts and low refrigerant. The most common culprit of an air conditioning system freezing up is a lack of refrigerant due to it leaking out. The leak can usually be quickly repaired by a technician who then proceeds to recharge the system and resolve the problem. Improper airflow due to the system fan being faulty or dirty can also lead to the system freezing up, but resolving such a problem is usually done fast by a professional.

2. The System Runs But Doesn't Cool

A lack of cold air from the system is one of the most common complaints that homeowners have. Two of the reasons why is because trying to feel comfortable in a hot house is stressful, and running a problematic system can be expensive. No cold air can stem from a few areas of the system needing attention, such as the blower fan, coils, filter, thermostat, and refrigerant. You might even need to get the system cleaned, which doesn't take long for a technician to do. If all else fails, you will likely need to replace your AC. 

3. Too Much Noise When Running

Most people find that it is difficult to fall asleep when there is noise in their house, which is why a noisy air conditioning system can be a problem. If you don't know why your air conditioner has recently become noisy, get the system inspected. The technician might find that the blower fan assembly is dirty or damaged. The filter and system, in general, might need a thorough cleaning.

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