High Air Conditioning Costs? Two Possible Culprits To Consider

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Air conditioning (AC) is one of those luxuries that is almost so essential that it is considered a necessity. Not only does air conditioning make indoor living more comfortable but it also helps to keep your electronics from overheating, discourages bug infestations, and makes it so much easier for you to breathe inside the house. These are wonderful benefits and you couldn't imagine not being able to enjoy them. However, if your AC bill is starting to increase you might find yourself cranking up the unit less and less often. If you just can't seem to figure out why your AC expenses are becoming so high, here are two possible reasons why your AC bill could be on the rise:

Faulty Insulation Leads To Leaks

If it appears that your AC unit itself is working the way it should, you're probably at a complete loss concerning what's going on. The system is chugging along correctly but even when you increase the thermostat your bill never seems to reflect the changes that you've made. When this happens, it's time to divert your attention away from the AC system itself and explore other parts of the home. A good place to start? Your insulation.

Good insulation creates a cocoon that keeps cold air inside the walls of your home. Faulty insulation that is thinning and wearing away can no longer perform this function the way that it should, and as your indoor air leaks outside you're creating an unstable situation for your AC system. It'll need more power to counteract the imbalance and this could get costly.

Your AC System Might Be Clogged With Dirt

Every so often it's a good idea to have your AC system cleaned out by a professional. Dirt and invisible toxins are filtered through your ventilation system each time you run your unit. If you aren't doing your part by having it cleaned out, the system has no choice but to operate at a less-than-optimal level. Trying to push air through a dirty filter or contaminated condenser coil requires a lot of power. It's best to set the date and have an HVAC specialist come out to your home to do a deep cleaning on a consistent basis.

When you know what the source is you can fix almost any problem. Explore these two possible culprits and, if that still doesn't work, contact an air conditioning contractor as soon as possible.