Keeping The Costs Of Cooling A Large Home Low With 5 Tips

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Home cooling doesn't have to be expensive, even if you do live in a larger home. Here are five tips to keep AC usage costs low in your larger home. 

Make sure you are not setting the AC thermostat too low.

You can turn most air conditioners down pretty low and make it fairly chilly in your home, but that's really not necessary to be comfortable, and doing so can cost you a lot of money if you have a rather large house. The United States Department of Energy claims that 78 degrees is good to avoid high energy bills. The bigger the difference in temperature is between outdoors and in, the more you are going to see those energy bills rise. Don't forget, you can also turn the thermostat up when you leave the house to save money.

Have the AC replaced if you have to. 

Using an outdated AC to cool your bigger house is a surefire way to pay far more than you have to for home cooling. Work with an air conditioning service to determine if replacing your system could be the most logical way to pay less for home cooling costs.

Work with an AC service to keep the system functioning at its best. 

An annual check by an AC service technician can help deter excessive home-cooling costs because your system will stay operating on a prime level. The annual checkup will include things like: 

  • Measuring the coolant levels in the system
  • Cleaning the condenser unit and exterior housing for proper airflow
  • Checking the filter housing for dirt and debris
  • Testing the electrical components of the AC
  • Assessing the blower unit of the AC

The better your AC is operating, the less likely it will be that you get astoundingly high energy bills because the system will not be having to work as hard to cool your home.

Adjust the fan speed on your AC on humid days. 

As counterintuitive as it may sound, it is better to turn the AC's fan speed down to a lower setting when the humidity is really high. The reason behind this is the slower fan speeds will give the air conditioner more time to remove excess humidity from the air before it is recirculated into the house. 

Take advantage of evaporative cooling effects with fans. 

Use fans in addition to your home's AC system if you want to see lower cooling costs for your bigger-than-usual house. The movement of air will evaporate moisture, which can make it feel much cooler than it is. Plus, using fans helps distribute the cooled air throughout the house.

Learn more by contacting a local air conditioning service today.