Improve Your Home's Air Quality

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Most people spend the majority of their day inside their home. It's where you eat, sleep, and spend time with your family. If the air inside your home isn't clean, you could be filling your lungs with all sorts of pollutants and allergens. Fortunately, you can improve the air quality in your house with proper HVAC maintenance. Here are four steps you should take to accomplish this:

1. Cover your heater and air conditioner when it's not in use.

Typically, heaters and air conditioners are seasonal appliances. It's not unusual for an air conditioner to sit unused throughout winter or for a heater to remain off during the summer. These dormant periods can allow unwanted dust and debris to accumulate on and inside your appliances. You can prevent this by covering up your heater and air conditioner at the end of its season of use. Just remember to uncover it before turning it on again, since these appliances were not meant to run while partially or fully blocked by a cover.

2. Run a humidifier in the winter.

Depending on the type of heater you own, you may find that the air inside your home gets dry in winter. Instead of opening a window, which can let allergens and air pollutants into your home, run a humidifier instead. A humidifier will help you maintain a comfortable atmosphere in your home while allowing you to keep the air fresh and clean.

3. Maintain your furnace and AC unit.

All your HVAC appliances need to be maintained in order to perform at peak efficiency. Make sure you change your appliances' filters when necessary. Some newer appliances have indicator lights that will inform you when the filters need to be changed. Otherwise, your HVAC specialist can recommend a changing schedule based on the size of your home and other pertinent factors, such as the number of pets you own. Ask your HVAC specialist to check your filter the next time they perform maintenance on your appliances.

4. Have your ducts cleaned annually.

Homes that utilize central heating and air conditioning contain ducts that allow air to pass between rooms. These ducts can become full of dust, pet hair, and pollen over time. Improve the quality of air in your home year-round by having your ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Your HVAC service can send professionals to clean your ducts. In fact, you can schedule your duct cleaning at the same time as your other routine HVAC maintenance to kill two birds with one stone.

Contact local HVAC services for more advice.