HVAC Maintenace In Mild Climates

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Homeowners in every region in climate would love to have reduced utility bills. That is, even if you are only running your heat a few nights out of the year, you could probably benefit from investing in some HVAC maintenance. In fact, homes that don't use their heat or AC very often are more vulnerable to certain problems. For instance, dust and mold buildup can definitely be more pronounced. If you don't even have central AC hooked up to your duct system, and only use your heater for a couple months during the dead of winter, this means that there are at least 9 months out of the year that your system is laying dormant. This is when dust and mold can build up and go unnoticed. So, it is very important that, during the off-season, you take some time to have your duct system cleaned. This article explains a few things you should do to make sure that, when winter comes and you do need to use your heater, your system will be able to pump out clean air.

Air Returns

Air return filters ensure that your furnace stays clean, but they also filter out allergens and dust. If your air return filters are not changed regularly, there is a better chance that there will be problems with dust and mold. Many air filters only have a 6 month lifespan. But, if you are only using your system for a couple months out of the year, they probably only need to be replaced once a year. So, you can change your furnace filter during the summer or spring to make sure it is ready to go when the winter hits.

Expert Services

But, simply changing your filter is not going to solve your problems. Professional duct cleaning services are essential. Many people try to clean their own ducts, but find that they don't have the necessary tools experience to do it properly. The actual process of duct cleaning isn't necessarily complicated, but it is impossible without the right tools. That is, it is hard to reach and clean every square inch of a duct system.

The systems are basically mazes that run within your walls. The cleaners will know the most vulnerable areas, and how to best clean them. They also have special tools, like cleaning poles and telescoping cameras that they can use to make sure all of your problem areas are taken care of.

The health of any HVAC system depends on good personal care, and regular professional maintenance. You need to invest in a mixture both if you want to keep everything working as smoothly as possible.

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