3 Ways To Keep Your Cooling Bills Down

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If you love summer but hate the heat and the humidity, there are things that you can do. One of them is to have central air conditioning. If you have central air, you may still want to set it for as warm as you can stand because you want to save money on your cooling bills. However, there are things that you can do that will help you stay cool and still save money on your cooling bills. 

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can really help because they keep the air moving, which keeps the cold air from settling in just one place. The fan doesn't make the air colder, it just keeps it moving, which will make it feel cooler to you, which allows you to turn the AC up higher and still get the same cooling effect. You can use them in the winter as well to keep the air moving. Some ceiling fans have the ability to reverse their spin directions so that you can run it counter-clockwise in the summer to drive the hot air down and clockwise in the winter to suck the cold air up.

Dark Curtains

Another thing you can do is to use heavy, dark curtains or blinds. You may think that is an odd choice to use in the summer, but the dark curtains block the sun, which can help keep the heat from sun from heating the air inside the house. So, put up some dark curtains or some heavy curtains. That will help keep your house cooler with the added benefit that you aren't going to get the very early morning and late evening sun, which can be really helpful if you have children, since they don't always like going to bed when it's still light outside. 

Keep Your AC Clean

Making sure that your air conditioner is clean will also help keep your cooling bills down. The more stuff that it has to work through, the more energy it's going to take to keep your house at the same temperature. Make sure that the exterior unit is clean, doesn't have any grass or debris on it, and has adequate air flow. If the coils are dirty, you can use a garden hose and spray it off. Also make sure that you know where the filters are so that you can check them and replace or clean them. .

Summer can be fun and beautiful. The heat and humidity not so much so. If you want to stay cool inside, but still keep your cooling costs down, there are things that you can do. Talk to an AC installation contractor for more help.