3 Maintenance Tasks That Still Need To Be Done With A Ductless AC System

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If you have ductless air conditioning installed in your home, this can be an affordable and energy efficient solution to keep your home cool. It is also important to remember that the same maintenance rules can be applied with these AC systems. You do not want to neglect your AC maintenance if you want to stay cool this summer. Here are some of the AC maintenance tasks that you will still want to have done with your new ductless AC system:

1. Checking And Changing Air Filters Regularly

It is very important to check and change the air filters of any HVAC system regularly. This is especially true for a ductless system, which may have smaller filters that get dirty quickly. In addition, there are some less expensive units that may have a built-in cleanable filters. These are sometimes small screen-like filters that you will want to clean frequently. If your system has one of these filters, it may be a good idea to clean it weekly to ensure that your AC is working efficiently.

2. Cleaning The Air Handler Vents Before Using AC

The air handler in your home is another component that can collect dirt that can damage your system. It is a good idea to check it and clean out any dust before you use the AC for the winter. To do this, you can use a vacuum to suck out any debris. You may want to remove any access panels or covers on the unit to ensure that you get the dust out of all the cracks where it may be hiding. Clean the dust out of the fan and vents too.

3. Serving The AC Unit And Cleaning The Outdoor Components

Just like a central HVAC system, it is a good idea to have your ductless AC serviced annually. The HVAC technician can come and check your system to make sure it is working properly. You also want to clean the outdoor unit and make sure that there is not clutter that has collected around it during the winter months. You can talk with the technician about cleaning the components inside the unit for optimized energy efficiency.

These are some of the maintenance tasks that you are still going to need with your ductless AC system. If you are ready to have a ductless AC system installed in your home or need help with maintenance, contact an HVAC contractor such as Action Appliance Services to help with your cooling needs.