Three Easy Ways To Boost AC Efficiency

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Running an AC unit during the hottest months of the summer is more a matter of staying healthy than staying comfortable. That does not make running your AC unit any less expensive. In order to do your part to conserve earth's resources as well as to save your monetary resources, you should find ways to boost your AC unit's efficiency. You don't even have to spend money in some cases to boost AC efficiency.

Close Blinds 

Sun streaming through your windows can heat up your floors, walls, furniture, etc. The more your home heats up, the harder and longer your AC has to run in order to cool your home back down. To prevent the sun from driving up the temperature in your home, you should keep your blinds shut whenever the sun is shining directly on your windows. Losing the view from your windows and a source of natural light is a small price to pay in order to keep your home cooler during the day. 

Turn up the Thermostat

While you don't want to keep your home too hot during the summer, you should also not keep your home so cool that you feel like you need to snuggle up in blankets or hoodies. In reference to the ability to save money by turning up the temperature, experts estimate you save about 3% on your annual cooling costs for every degree you turn the thermostat up. If you feel like you can't stand to turn your thermostat up, turn it up during the day  while you are away at work, and you can still save money on your cooling costs. 

Keep Your Condenser Clean

The condenser unit on the outside of your house is responsible for cooling the refrigerant in your system down so that it is ready to cycle back to your evaporator unit and cool your home down. Your condenser depends on airflow to accomplish this feat. If you have plants growing up around or through your coils, you should cut them back to improve airflow. 

Saving money on your AC costs is a worthy goal. To accomplish this goal, you need to understand how your AC unit works, and then take steps to improve its function. Specifically, take steps to prevent your home from heating up in the first place. You should also take steps to boost the function of the various components of your system. As a reward for your efforts, you will save money on your cooling costs. To find out more, speak with someone like One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning