Make Your Home A Haven With Duct Cleaning

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If you have a history of lung problems, then venturing outside can be fraught with peril. Pollen, pet dander, pollution, and other irritants can cause a coughing fit at any moment. When you return home, you want to be able to relax without worrying that your lungs will be under attack. Unfortunately, a poorly maintained AC system can conspire against your relaxation time. Routine duct cleaning and proper maintenance will help to make your home a safe place to unwind.  

About Filters

To keep your ducts clean, you need to do what is possible to keep contaminants from entering them in the first place. Your AC system has a filter that is used to prevent dust and other contaminants from gumming up your AC system. This same filter will help to keep your ducts clean, but it will let some contaminants through. A highly efficient filter will extract more particles from your air, but ironically, it can also decrease your overall system efficiency. An efficient filter gets its name by effectively removing contaminants from the air in your home, but the smaller holes in its screen that allow it to do this, also restrict airflow, cause the filter to get clogged more quickly than a standard filter, and thus can decrease the efficiency of your AC system. In order to make sure that your AC system runs like it should, you should use the factory-recommended filter but be sure to change it frequently. 

About Duct Cleaning

Some contaminants can get through your AC filter and others will enter through your AC vents. In any case, even if you change your filter regularly, you will still have to have your ducts cleaned from time to time. Otherwise, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, dead insect carcasses, dead skin cells, dust, dust mites, and other air contaminants can accumulate in your ducts. Then, every time your AC turns on, your system will spew these lung irritants out into the air of your home. While you might be able to clean the first few feet of your ducts with a brush and a household vacuum, you will lack the tools to do a thorough job. Your best bet is to call a professional in to do the work for you. 

You can determine that you need a good duct cleaning when dust bunnies cling to the AC vents throughout your home. If you have asthma, allergies, or you simply want to avoid lung infections, you should have your ducts cleaned whenever you see signs that they are dirty. A vigilant homeowner will be able to make their home a safe haven from lung irritants. 

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