Reasons You Need A Whole-Home Humidifier This Winter

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During the winter months, your heating units are working hard to keep your home comfortable. This makes the air in the home drier and can cause many issues. If you have physical problems like dry skin, scratchy throats causing a lot of coughing, nosebleeds on a regular basis, or static electricity in your clothes; you have dry air. However, if you have a whole-home humidifier, the moisture will return to a more pleasing level and eliminate a lot of the side effects caused by the poor air quality.

Dry Air

If you feel like the heat source is cold but the thermostat says it should be at a comfortable level; you are experiencing dry air. Moister air qualities will provide a warmer sensation and not make you feel the need to raise the thermostat temperature. You will also save more money on your heating bills if you have a humidifier installed in your home.

You have to consider the entire family and any pets and the levels of comfort for them also. Children and pets are very sensitive to dry air within the home. You may be more likely to suffer from sinus problems, allergies, or asthma if the air quality is not at a good level.

You also have to consider your home and its surfaces. Fine furniture or wood floors may crack or warp and the wallpaper edges may peel. If you notice your paint is beginning to flake off or chip; you probably have low moisture levels.

If you are an avid plant lover, your plants will also suffer from low humidity levels.


Maintenance is only required annually or bi-annually with a whole-home humidifier. With a single room humidifier, you must constantly clean it to prevent bacteria buildup.

With a central control unit, the humidity levels are controlled. You don't have to worry about adding water or turning off a unit in any of the rooms.

If you have a room humidifier, the operating cost is more because you will need to add distilled water to the unit, so you don't damage any of its elements. With a central humidifier, you are using water from the main line, with only minimal costs each month for the usage.

Installation is simple by placing a humidifier in the duct-work, next to your furnace. Most units will have a humidistat (special thermostat) to acquire the humidity levels for your convenience.

You and your family will be much happier with a whole-home humidifier. These pointers should help you decide if you want to install the unit. The advantages will most likely outweigh the disadvantages. A trained professional like Winters Heating Cooling & Indoor Air Quality can easily make the adjustments. However, if you are a do-it-yourself kind or person, the process should not be more than you can handle.