2 Reasons To Consider A Radiant Heating System

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A radiant heating system is one of the best heating systems that you can choose for your home, mostly because it provides a wide range of benefits that other heating options simply cannot match. Energy efficiency and cleaner air are two big reasons to consider a radiant system for your home.

Energy Efficiency

One of the best reasons to consider a radiant heating system is that it is going to be energy efficient. One reason for this is that a radiant system does not suffer from duct loss. Duct loss happens when hot air is lost through improperly sealed seams and cracks in your duct system.

Duct loss is not an issue for a radiant system is because it does not use your ducts at all. A radiant system works using installed pipes or electrical panels within the walls and floors of your home. These pipes or panels then begin to heat the walls and floors, which in turn heat the air in your home. 

Another reason that a radiant system is so energy efficient is that you can easily set it up so that you are not wasting energy and money heating empty rooms. This is because radiant systems can be set up in zones. These zones can be divided in a number of ways, such as having only your bedrooms or only your kitchen and living room heated at a time. 

Cleaner Air

A radiant system is also going to be able to help you keep the air within your home clean because it doesn't use your ducts or any fans to blow hot air around the house. This is a big deal because a forced-air heating system can blow particles and allergens all over the home, especially if your ducts or furnace filter are dirty.

These allergens and dust particles can lead to a wide range of health issues. For example, the allergens and dust particles can lead to people becoming sick more often, having dry eyes frequently, and suffering from more severe allergic reactions. This can also be a major problem for people with respiratory issues; the dust and other particles can cause these people to have more trouble breathing and can cause their conditions to worsen.

Speak to a heating or HVAC contractor today in order to discuss which heating system to install in your home. Radiant heating systems are fantastic options if you want something efficient that can also keep the air in your home clean. Contact a professional HVAC service, like Pell City Heating & Cooling Inc, to schedule an installation appointment today.